Start the machine

I powered on my mobile after a week off and received a belated text from Ben.

—I just saw some juggalos

Uhhh…stop the presses?

I wish I had a fake student ID.

While I appreciate being able to drink and gamble easily, I'd much rather save money easily.

I look younger than I am, but my BruinCard, alas, reads "good thru: 09/2005." Covering the text with a finger rarely works.

I wonder how profitable a fake student ID operation could be.

LAX was the most aesthetically pleasing of all the airports I've been in. [source]



  1. Jon 15 Sep 08 at 12:53

    I definitely know what you mean about fake student IDs. Now that we're in Seattle, Tony and Erin have UW IDs, and don't have to pay for the bus. I was thinking about trying to make a fake, but the bus sticker thing you put on the ID has gold foil in it. Fuck…

  2. Gustavo 15 Sep 08 at 14:56

    hey I watched my alma mater (sp??? latin I think??) beat the he*l out of Ohio State this weekend but didn't happen to catch the score of the UCLA game. How much did you guys (UCLA) win by? Lol probably a lot ! after all the Football Monopoly in Los Angeles is Officially Over!!!

  3. Ben 15 Sep 08 at 23:57

    Jon I just never see Juggalos in downtown DC in pretty much the nicest part of town (like, about 2 blocks from THE PALM).

  4. Josh 16 Sep 08 at 01:43

    I saw some juggaloes driving over the Bay Bridge back in July. They were in a shitty 80's Honda Civic. I laughed my ass off.

  5. Jon 16 Sep 08 at 04:00

    "The night is darkest just before the dawn" — Harvey Dent


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