I'm a professional cynic but my heart's not in it

If you had to give up cheese or oral sex for life, which would you choose?

I can honestly say I'm shocked at these results. I can't believe that over two thirds of this site's readership would be willing to give up a lifetime of cheese just for oral sex. [source]

He should've only polled guidos.

A three-disc collector's edition of Forgetting Sarah Marshall is a bit excessive.

"[The $700 billion figure is] not based on any particular data point," a Treasury spokeswoman told Forbes.com Tuesday. "We just wanted to choose a really large number." [source]

related: Michael Douglas asked about Wall Street crisis

America, America, this is you.

Adam Robot kept bugging me for my opinion of Sons of Anarchy. I'd downloaded the first two episodes but procrastinated because bikers appeal to me about as much as vampires do, which is to say not at all.

Well, the show is better than I expected. It's The Sopranos with a biker gang.

Charlie Hunnam's accent fluctuates, however, and his facial hair is distracting, like the size of Leonardo DiCaprio's head. I prefer him as a soccer hooligan.

While discussing Anarchy with Robot, he dropped this bomb:

—i'm interested in the biker gang type deal


I'm-a dismiss it as a guilty pleasure.

"Laveranues Coles" would be a good spelling bee tie-breaker.

Lane Kiffin's firing is the new 756.

Matchstick Productions and Seattle Center are proud to present "CLAIM, The Greatest Ski Movie… EVER!"

I hate you, Seattle Center.

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