Stomach full of butts

Gizmodo speculates that Rock Band 3 will support a keyboard peripheral, which could actually teach people how to play piano. It may not teach them how to read music, but Billy Corgan can't either.

I'm re-learning piano. Slowly.

My first instrument was the piano, but I regretfully did not commit myself to mastering it. I can only play two songs by heart: "Yankee Doodle" and the theme to Jurassic Park.

All my parents hoped for was that I'd someday be able to play "Für Elise." I disliked practicing, however, and thus progressed slowly. Before I could play "Für Elise," I had abandoned my piano for a trombone and then a cello and then an upright bass and then the cello again.

I was a mediocre cellist until I committed myself to mastering cello…the summer before heading off to university, where the orchestra conductor cut me off mid-audition and I permanently stored mine away. My heart subsequently drifted back to piano and its versatile, dulcet OOOH! DJ Hero!

Turntablism is rad.

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  1. omgchris 03 Oct 08 at 10:40

    What is that picture on your header of the two guys with guns. Looks hilarious.

  2. Jon 03 Oct 08 at 13:01

    It's a still from The Baader Meinhof Complex, the German entry for Best Foreign Language Film at next year's Oscars.

  3. ee 04 Oct 08 at 15:31

    watch out for the gypsy children in electric dresses, they're insane… i hear they live in crematoria and smoke your remains.


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