Dead on arrival

In 2004, Aaron produced a student film in style of Jackass and distributed it to friends and family on VHS cassettes.

Tushar and I saw the film and eagerly "acquired" it for DVD release, cobbling together (with Aaron's help) the original digital footage, box art, menu art, a deleted scene and even an audio commentary track. Alas, production costs prevented us from proceeding further.

Plan B: Parcel out the film as a weekly web series. Every Thursday, another chapter.

We'll begin with two.

caution! contains strong language and nudity

Aaron claims the latter was not staged, in which case his brother is an amazing mark.


  1. Kira 16 Oct 08 at 08:22

    Oh. My. God. This is incredible.

  2. garkahar 18 Oct 08 at 22:34

    the ISMFOF album is saaaweeeet.

  3. Jon 19 Oct 08 at 03:40

    Yup, these are my readers.


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