Most negative man in the world calls other people "white trash" to make himself not feel so faggy

"the voice of Stephen Colbert…"

Kerry Weaver pwned.

Comedy sketch idea: Dancing with the Stars hosted by Harrison Bergeron.

I'm struggling to consume 17 hours of television a week in between sporting events and film screenings.

My current top ten:
1. Friday Night Lights
2. The Shield
3. The Amazing Race
4. The Office
5. Chuck
6. Sons of Anarchy
7. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
8. Mad Men
9. Dexter
10. No Heroics

The rival quarterback on Friday Night Lights was Peter Pan.

No show ends episodes better than The Shield.

I could do without the Buy More employee B-plots on Chuck. They're like the expository chapters in The Grapes of Wrath. Also: I could do without the Buy More employees.

And the Asian Internal Affairs lady on Dexter.

And the speedy bird on Heroes.

The druggie actress on 90210 who mercifully flatlined at the end of the last episode? Just promoted to series regular. [sigh]

Degrassi dumped nine old characters, added ten new characters and promoted five existing ones. Spinner is now its Darrell Hammond.

Pushing Daisies' tweeness is becoming a turn-off.

The ads both for and against Proposition 8 are laughably terrible.

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  1. hugo 17 Oct 08 at 05:14

    only here could i ever find a vonnegut reference so fitting. FUTURE BALLET FUTURE BALLET FUTURE BALLET

    "mom mom mom i learned today that guys who suck each other's dicks can be recognized as a marriage in the eyes of state government" VOTE YES ON 8.

    was it just me, or did anyone else think the nerds were actually going to win the whole amazing race? that penalty rule blowwwwwwsss.

  2. Curtis Lemansky 17 Oct 08 at 14:28

    Is the Shield really any good anymore? I stopped watching around the time that they killed Lem.

    Plus, whatever happend to Tavon? Anything since Shane's wife smashed his head with an iron and he crashed?

    Good show though. Plus, I'm glad you didn't add Heroes to this list. That show blows.

  3. Jon 17 Oct 08 at 17:30

    Hugo: It was just you.

    Curtis: The Shield is as good as ever. Tavon returned in episode six this season to put Shane's feet to the fire for what Mara did to him.

  4. Drew 19 Oct 08 at 14:50

    Asian Internal Affairs lady on Dexter is the least believable depiction of an IA agent I've ever seen. Other not-good ones: Hugh Laurie in Street Kings and Luda in Mas Payne.

  5. Drew 19 Oct 08 at 14:51

    MAX Payne, rather. Though Mas Payne is kinda catchy…


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