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From a friend:
So Barack Obama is at the pearly gates, he approaches St. Peter and St. Peter does not recognize him.
"I'm Barack Obama, surely you recognize me?"
"I'm sorry, my son, I do not, why would I know you?"
"Because I was the first black president of the United States of America." Barack replies.
"Really? Well that's just wonderful! When did that happen?" St Peter asks.
"About 5 minutes ago."

Okay, so, don't get shot please. Thanks!!!

Hmm. I didn't weigh in on the Sox loss or the World Series. Such is life. The Rays are good. I attended Game 5 in Fenway, and that was fantastic and shit.

I am pretty sure that last night was as good as the Sox victory in 2004, only with less dead college students.

You know, the fact that you'll now be able to possess 22 grams of weed in Massachusetts without getting arrested pretty much seals up Mass State as the most bizarre in the country. Two years ago, a ballot initiative failed so you can buy wine in grocery stores. So let me get this straight – it's a fine if you get caught with weed, but I can't buy a bottle of shitty Yellow Tail in a Stop & Shop? Fuck the heck is that about?


  1. anon 06 Nov 08 at 00:30

    adamriff ever gonna do a top 10 movie list? curious to know what would make it

  2. Jon 06 Nov 08 at 01:20

    top 10 of all time? i'll see what i can do…

  3. Système Internationale 06 Nov 08 at 17:55

    28.3, not 22.


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