Sliding in and out of a laceration

East Coast bias

Did you know? San Diego State is number two in the country in undergraduate applications, behind (cough) UCLA.

related: Students at San Diego State were offered discount prices on cocaine as part of a campus-wide drug-dealing operation.

I like the last graf of the related article:

A "frat boy" in America usually displays many of the characteristics of a "rugger bugger" in Britain. They are known for drinking prodigious quantities of beer, as depicted by John Belushi in the film Animal House.

Ah so…

Where the Australian Christmas movies at? "Chestnuts roasting on a barbie grill…"

An Australian production company [has] secured the rights to "The Phantom Legacy," a follow-up to the 1996 film "The Phantom," which starred Billy Zane as the masked hero who fights evil from his jungle headquarters. [source]

In purple spandex. With a horse named "Hero." And a wolf. It's easily one of the lamest films I've ever seen on opening day.


Joel Schumacher was considered to direct the film. Zane won the part after competition from Bruce Campbell.

Oh man… What could have been… Bruce in purple spandex slamming evil in a neon jungle…

At the end of season two, I wrote that the problem with Dexter is that you know he's never in real trouble, but I now think the problem is that he doesn't face any real consequences. God mode tempers dramatic efficacy.

You'd think a serial killer would know how to bind someone properly.

What was the point of the Asian IAD lady?

Next season: More of LaGuerta's friends will die!

Joan on Mad Men is engaged to the impressionist on Undeclared:

Family angry that supermarket won't personalize cake for their son, Adolf Hitler Campbell
I was like a hyena
D.I.Y MFOS WP-20 built from junkbox parts
This band makes me want to shoot myself


  1. Adam 16 Dec 08 at 10:13

    I'm rocking that -13 spot on that map. It actually got to -20 here last night though. That's the stuff cold is made of.

  2. Aaron 16 Dec 08 at 11:44

    Haha, that band really is terrible.

  3. ernest riles 16 Dec 08 at 20:24

    I love(d) Dexter, and totally agree with you. It's a done deal. If there's no real threat, there's no show. It's seemed like the season had a lot of interesting possibilities, and in the end there was no real payoff.

    The Asian IAD might be in the top 5 most pointless TV characters on a decent show, of all-time. I say "decent show" because without it, you could nominate entire channels as having "pointless characters".

    I know you rang the death bell for Heroes a long time ago, but after last night's season finale, I've officially given up. It was the TV equivalent of a guy jumping a shark while shitting in a bed. Syler and Arthur are dead?! Bah. The preview of Season 4 was also one of the least compelling/intriguing things ever. I yelled "Who gives a fuck." at my TV.

    sorry for blogging in your comments. :\

  4. Aaron 16 Dec 08 at 23:41

    Additionally, that Marley & Me billboard is lovely. Idiot-Genius, really.

  5. Jon 17 Dec 08 at 02:34

    "Syler and Arthur are dead?!"

    Unless you're a super-marine. Then you die in five seconds.

    To quote Alan Sepinwall:
    "Nobody ever does anything good for the world at large, other than solve problems that wouldn't exist without their particular subculture. What we have here is a bunch of incredibly powerful, and incredibly stupid and easily persuadable people who spend all their time fighting other parts of their insular world, not really worrying about collateral damage."

    Season 4 is X-Men 2.


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