Everything Must Go

—I don't know what the fuck you're talking about half the time

—i'm either super out of the loop on shit – or i'm missing a lot of stuff lately

Alright. Today, I'm-a test out footnotes in the comments.

I miss rebuses and Classic Concentration.

Game show idea: Blind Spots. Two contestants with disparate areas of expertise answer questions on their opponent's areas of expertise.

Black and silver are not discordant colours, but the MacBook's black keyboard and the silver iPod nano's black wheel offend my eyes.





24 won't put a character in a wheelchair unless they want her knocked out of it, crawling desperately for a phone or a knife or any sort of useful implement that a fully mobile person could reach without a problem. Either that, or Dubaku will just roll her down a staircase, which might be funny in a macabre way. [source]

Might be funny?

"I've been vaiting for you…" Thwack!

This most recent episode [of 24] had one of my favorite Jack lines of all time. After Renee has been kidnapped, shot, then buried alive, survived, and then forced by Jack to fake-torture a baby:

Jack: Are you okay?
Renee: Umm… I'm not sure
Jack: What do you mean, what's wrong? [source]

I want to see Glenn Beck interview Tatiana Del Toro.4

I want to craft a documentary on Asian NASCAR fans.

I want to record an a capella cover of Radiohead's "Idiotheque" with beatboxers.

Green Day's 21st Century Breakdown is broken into three acts.

"I don’t know if you'd call it a 'concept album,' but there's a thread that connects everything."

The title track morphs into multiple movements. [source]

FREE ASSOCIATION: Frances the Mute.5

Is this legal?

I await Avatars.6

The Asylum's web site also lists a film called Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus starring Debbie Gibson and Lorenzo Lamas.

Not photoshopped.

I hate when gelato shop employees look at you while you look at the gelato.

Stop looking at me looking at gelato! I'll order when I'm ready!

Your 2009 Dunk Contest champion.

Nate Robinson has a son. Imagine if your father was Nate Robinson.

Randy Moller Is My New Favorite Announcer
G.I. Joe Characters Like A Michael Jackson Evolutionary Map
Carts of Darkness


  1. Jon 16 Feb 09 at 03:33

    1. the empire strikes back. han stuffs luke inside a tauntaun.
    2. heroes. when maya's ability activates, her eyes turn completely black.
    3. 24. day 4, 9:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m. richard heller sensory deprivation.
    4. beck is a crazy fox news channel talent. del toro is a crazy american idol contestant.
    5. the mars volta's convoluted sophomore album.
    6. james cameron directed the terminator. his next film is avatar.


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