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Pop star-turned director Jay Chou held a press conference in Beijing to introduce the concept for his small-screen directorial debut, "Pandamen."

"We have seen such Western superheroes as Spiderman and Batman, but Chinese people need their own heroes, and that will be the pandamen." [source]

He declined Wong Kar-Wai's offer to play Bruce Lee for this?

I received an e-mail notifying me of the San Francisco Irish Film Festival, which is two films and some shorts. If that constitutes a film festival, I should stage my own.

The Adam Riff™ Film Festival.

—opening night film: if looks could kill
blank check with brian bonsall and karen duffy in attendance
—a day-long tremors retrospective
my father the hero

The Bay Area is home to a glut of niche film festivals. You name it, we probably have a film festival for it.

» Armenian Film Festival
» International Buddhist Film Festival
» Women of Color Film Festival
» Queer Women of Color Film Festival
» LaborFest ("the history and culture of working people")
» TrannyFest
» Sex Worker Film Festival
» CounterCorp: The Anti-Corporate Film Festival
» EarthDance: The Short-Attention-Span Environmental Film Festival
» Ocean Film Festival

We have festivals devoted to films about hookers and the ocean!

Metallic Attraction: Kung Fu Cyborg takes place in a future world where robots are at war with each other.

Wu Jing plays a robot who has become evil but eventually turns over a new leaf. [source]

Kung fu, like zombies, is a niche that filmmakers seem intent on fusing with every other niche imaginable, the culmination of which is Kung Fu Zombie.

Due out this year: Samurai Zombie and Dead Snow, which involves Nazi zombies.

Kung fu + Nazis = Kill or Be Killed, which features a Nazi midget.

Kung fu + midgets = The Impossible Kid.

Mel Gibson in "The Colonel"
The Revenge of's 'Chuckling Maniac'
Real Life Tags


  1. Aaron 25 Feb 09 at 18:14

    Tremors retrospective? Hell yeah I'd go.

    1. Jon 25 Feb 09 at 23:51


      Pfff. Every city has a documentary film festival.

  2. Forest 25 Feb 09 at 23:38

    Had to walk up to the KFC today and get a 6-piece after watching 'The Colonel'.


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