Where have all the rude boys gone?

A 23-year-old UK student has created a cellphone app that scans DVD barcodes and automatically starts a BitTorrent download of the movie onto your home computer. [source]


Idea: Eyes Dice (Deyes?)

snake eyes

red eyes

slant eyes

dead eyes

the terminator

a pervert (or a pirate)

janet jackson's chest at super bowl xxxviiii?

no, a sniper!

They could be a party game, like The Game of Sniglets.


"Hello. This is Robbie Grey from Modern English. I heard that your company is crafting a new television ad campaign. Well, have I got a song for you!"

"What other foods melt? Come on! Think!"

"Fuckin' Cramer…"

"And now, the world premiere of Modern English's new single 'It's So Crunchy.'"

Henry Rollins will guest star on the second season "Sons of Anarchy."

Rollins is expected to appear in at least six of the 13 episodes playing a new antagonist who poses a deadly threat to the Motorcycle Club. [source]

Taco Bell's latest ad trumpets three-, five- and seven-layer nachos for 99 cents or less and asks "WHY PAY MORE!" [sic]

Uh…to avert diarrhea?

The first thing my boss does when he arrives at work is head to the restroom to poop. Every day, he arrives and then promptly disappears for 10-15 minutes.

If the first thing you do when you arrive at work is poop, wouldn't it be more sensible (not to mention comfortable) to poop at home before leaving for work?

Maybe he has a public pooping fetish.

rey mysterio big face t-shirt

Japanese Boob Claw Machine
The 2009 NCAA Tournament All-Porno Name Team
Pete Wentz Plays Russian Roulette Drinking Game with His Urine


  1. this guy 17 Mar 09 at 15:59

    I had a job once where my trainer said never take a dump on your break. Get paid for that shit.

  2. Aaron 17 Mar 09 at 16:11

    At my old office I had the pleasure of sitting across from the bathroom, and almost every day at the same exact time, a guy went in there and had the loudest, longest diarrhea I've ever heard. I don't know if he had IBS or some kind of condition, but nonetheless, it was hilarious…. until he opened the door.

  3. ernest riles 17 Mar 09 at 20:52

    i've spent an unfortunate amount of time in truck stop bathrooms over the past decade or so, and I can tell you that there is nothing worse than being in a 16-stall shithouse amongst the angry assholes of truckers that live on a diet of food that's been sitting under a heat lamp for days, obscene amounts of coffee, assorted energy drinks, trucker speed, and chewing tobacco. The sights, sounds, and smells you hear in those bathrooms are trauma-inducing.

  4. Cangrejero 17 Mar 09 at 21:29

    If the first thing you do when you arrive at work is poop, wouldn't it be more sensible (not to mention comfortable) to poop at home before leaving for work?

    But if you do it at work, it's like you're getting paid to poop.

    1. Jon 17 Mar 09 at 23:25

      But he's the boss! He's swindling himself!

  5. John 18 Mar 09 at 13:11

    I understand the whole comfort thing, as I am not a big fan of public pooing, but assuming you have a regular cleaning lady and the bathroom is probably cleaned nightly the public restroom is probably sanitary.

    And really, you get into a regular pattern with something like pooing and it's hard to break, it knows when it's coming, so trying to force it out half an hour earlier is something that probably isn't fun…


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