With God on our side

I will resist a gorilla comparison.

Bud Light's "_____ bad, drinkability good" ads ape Southwest's "wanna get away?" ads, and CBS has been airing them back-to-back.

UConn's uniforms are hideous. They look like a conservative designed them.

Rick Pacino

Bill Hader on rejected Saturday Night Live sketches involving Al Pacino:

One that we tried to get on as a digital short, but Standards and Practices said we couldn't do […]

Let's just say there's a video on the Internet that has a very identifiable name. Al Pacino watching that.

The idea was that Gene Hackman sent him that video, and he goes, "Gene and I, we have the same sense of humour, this is gonna be funny," and then watching it and going, "WHAT THE HELL?!" [source]

Al Pacino watches "2 Girls 1 Cup."


Better yet: Variations on Al Pacino watching "2 Girls 1 Cup."

As Michael Corleone.
As Tony Montana.
As an irascible blind man.
As Satan.
As Shylock.
As Big Boy Caprice.
As an undercover gay leather fetishist.

Roy Williams, Rick Pitino, Bob Knight, Mike Krzyzewski and…Metallica.


  1. vladmir 30 Mar 09 at 04:38

    i like how metallica calls somebody old "pops."

    pot kettle sterile

  2. Aaron 30 Mar 09 at 10:51

    I hate Bill Hader.

  3. Jeremy 30 Mar 09 at 20:25

    Thabeet's a BITCH

  4. Jeremy 30 Mar 09 at 21:53

    If Suton is Doug, Thabeet is Skeeter.

    1. Jon 31 Mar 09 at 17:05

      oh i did. slide 10/25.

  5. ee 31 Mar 09 at 19:37

    i see… commitment was never my strong suit, i gave up after 7.


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