Rain Dogs

In retrospect, the soundtrack for Judgment Night is kind of unbelievable.

Dinosaur Jr. and Del Tha Funkee Homosapien?

Sonic Youth and Cypress Hill?


I'm surprised that more soundtrack supervisors haven't arranged similar genre marriages.

The Spawn soundtrack fused rock and electronica, and the Blade II soundtrack fused hip-hop and electronica.

What about a soundtrack pairing hip-hop and indie rock artists a la The Hood Internet? Flo Rida and Sufjan Stevens collaborate on a song. Are you not intrigued?

This generation deserves its own Judgment Night soundtrack.

At tomorrow's Hoodwink event, artists performing at this weekend's Bamboozle festival will whet appetites with cover sets.

Did Avril release enough recognizable material to fill 30 minutes?

I know what my band (The Blond Jews) would perform if we were participating:

Shit… Hoodwink 2010 Idea: Bands cover soundtracks.

My second choice would be the soundtrack for Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy.

"I just wanna say……FUCK happy!"


  1. Oh God 30 Apr 09 at 08:53

    Smith and Jones forever

  2. Jon 30 Apr 09 at 13:02

    wrong jews

  3. Jeremy 30 Apr 09 at 16:42

    I like Slayer and Ice-T doing a medley of Exploited songs.

  4. Cangrejero 30 Apr 09 at 21:52

    Judgment Night and Crooklyn will forever be tied at #1 in the "Good Soundtrack – Shitty Movie" category.

  5. hugo 01 May 09 at 16:20

    'k lets go to the mlb authentic collection stage.'

    'no man, im heading to the state farm stage instead.'


  6. Aaron 02 May 09 at 16:23

    The Hood Internet is the shit… so yes, I am intrigued.

  7. seamus 06 May 09 at 02:07

    "Judgment Night" was a favorite record in college.

    The De La Soul/Teenage Fanclub track was great, but the fucking boom-king was "Freak Mama" by Mix-a-Lot and Mudhoney.


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