Why'd you want to live here?

I finally visited the much ballyhooed Seattle Public Library and, welp, it's an Ikea with books.

On the bus ride downtown, I overheard the self-proclaimed "former ravers" sitting behind me discuss Breaking Bad. Surprise turned to understanding, as Breaking Bad is the opposite of a rave, and they are former ravers.

The band Trivium is, evidently, quite popular.

Rhubarb is a popular ingredient in this area.

I love that all the hipster eateries I've patronized accept credit cards. Highlight of my trip.

I've seen a few bead shops lately – sizable ones – both in Seattle and back home. How do they stay in business? Supply must outweigh demand, right? I mean…beads!


in the queue for a film screening:
this green man, looking slightly more reserved – neon green fur hat, neon green suit, neon green shoes, neon green pearl earrings, but normal-coloured skin

at the Northwest Folklife Festival:
furries, plastic bag men, and a slew of street rats, two of whom were selling their bodies as signboards. "tongue = $20!"

pre-teen hipsters (the fuck?)

I wish I brought my camera.


  1. gob 24 May 09 at 19:24


  2. David H 27 May 09 at 01:15

    When I was in Seattle, I was amazed at the amount of dirty punk rock kids wandering around downtown.

    Also, one homeless man holding a sign that read "FREE PARKING" while another homeless man 20 feet away stood in front of the "No Parking" sign.

    Seattle was weird.

    1. Jon 27 May 09 at 20:35

      no, but many similar eateries in san francisco and berkeley are annoyingly "cash only"


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