The Prestige

A television in my boarding area at Sea-Tac was tuned to Headline News. During a commercial break, I saw two consecutive ads for Sea-Tac in which "real" Washingtonians discuss how they love spending time in the airport, shopping and wining and dining and receiving massages.

In an airport.

I've discussed my accent once, twice, thrice before.

At a bar after Bronson, Mike picked the scab.

"You sound like a professor."

An effete one, I bet.

Fuck all y'all.


Hanging out with more than one Wanker at once can be exasperating, because together, they are constantly on. If your brain operates more…methodically, you best cede the floor and just enjoy the show.

Now add Tony's housemate to the mix and…

Tony's housemate Brandon is unreal. I wrote in my notes: "This guy is unreal." It's like Tony and Jon Wilcox created him like Lisa in Weird Science.


I never expected to ever have to juggle time with friends in Seattle, and for that I feel blessed.

Next time, Castle.

Bee Goes Humor, Intentionally

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