Douchebag Circle Jerk

"Are you attending a wedding or prep school?"
"Too informal? Max wore a polo shirt and khaki shorts to Eddie's wedding…"
"Max was two years old! You're not—"

"Have you been to a white people wedding before?"
"Of course. I have a large family. Lots of Asian girls."

"All I own are black suits. Eh?"
"Do not wear a tux."

"What's this?"
"A spy camera. While in town, I want to film myself entering barbershops and saying, 'Excuse me, sir, I need a haircut if you ain't too busy, you old Italian son-of-a-bitch prick barber!'"

"Can I carry on a garment bag? I don't want to pay to check it, and I don't want to wait around a baggage carousel at 5:30 a.m."
"You book the shittiest flights."
"I like to think that I'm resourceful."
"5:30. That's…"
"2:30 Pacific. I plan on heading straight to the hotel and sleeping until tea time."
"Your hotel allows early check-in?"
"Oh shit!"

"Fuck! Check-in time is fuckin' 3:00 p.m.!"
"How full can a hotel in Detroit be? Just ask nicely."
"And if that fails? What am I gonna do for nine hours on little to no sleep?"
"Well, what time do barbershops open?"

Joe Buck Live Gets Very Uncomfortable


  1. vladmir 16 Jun 09 at 18:50

    GD i need to see that joe buck clip


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