Travelling Swallowing Dramamine

Shouldn't have waited until 10 days remained to redeem a free plane ticket, Jon.

I never learn.

My tickets are at least cheaper than similar ones I bought in May – 12 days in advance.

"This is crazy. What am I doing? WHY ARE YOU ENABLING ME? The movie may not be any good, a cam-rip or screener may leak beforehand…"

"Well, no backing out now."


"You think you'll want to hang out in Canada at all, or are we just gonna go in, see the movie and come back?"

I will miss an opportunity to finally meet Adam Robot by four days. He's driving from Montana to Seattle to see Converge live.

He once drove from Billings to Denver to see Primus live.

820 miles. 552 miles. Each way. Across three states.

Meanwhile, I look at Sunny Day Real Estate/Jealous Sound tickets that Drew Brown tweeted me into buying and think: I dunno… The show's on a Tuesday night…and the city is 40 minutes away!

David Lee Roth Runnin' with the Devil Soundboard
Lil Wayne To Appear On New Weezer Album


  1. Tyler 30 Sep 09 at 12:11

    I must say: I'm a fan of the fact that you constantly use Modest Mouse song lyrics as post titles.

  2. Aaron 30 Sep 09 at 16:18

    Rivers Cuomo sounds like a real idiot. Although I guess listening to his lyrics for the past decade or so should have probably clued me in on that.

  3. esteban 30 Sep 09 at 19:18

    um, what movie is it


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