Feeling so good I think I might run for mayor

Alaska Airlines' snack packs include a packet of Emergen-C.

It is impossible to not look like a douche sitting on a shoe shine stand.

The Space Needle should be the tallest structure in Seattle.

Empire State Building
U.S. Bank Tower
Willis Tower
Transamerica Pyramid
CN Tower

All five are the tallest structures in their associated cities. The Space Needle, however, is a visually unimpressive sixth tallest.

In a security queue, I saw a guy wearing a Jamarcus Russell Raiders jersey unironically and a guy who was too old to be wearing a Propagandhi hoodie.

Note to self: People with pierced cheeks are employable as cashiers at cupcakeries.

Crossroads Trading Co. will donate five cents to a local charity every time you choose not to take a plastic shopping bag.

If you bring your own bag, Crossroads Trading Co. loses money.

Why not just not offer plastic bags to customers?

The name of Paul Newman's character in The Color of Money is Fast Eddie Felson.

Apolo Anton Ohno has five Olympic medals.


T-shirt celebrates the UW Huskies 16-13 win over the USC Trojans on Sep 19th, 2009.

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Pita Pits are depressingly ubiquitous.

Surprisingly, Urban Dictionary only defines "French bulldog" as "a cute little dog."


  1. Aaron 14 Oct 09 at 16:30

    Willis Tower, haha. Still haven't gotten used to that.

  2. josh 14 Oct 09 at 21:36

    wait. doesn't that mean crossroads saves money when you bring bags from home?

    1. Jon 15 Oct 09 at 04:00

      josh: a plastic shopping bag cannot cost more than five cents

  3. L 14 Oct 09 at 23:42

    The twin towers was taller than the Empire State Building, and the freedom towers will be tower than esb when it is completed.


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