Weekend Nachos

Where the Wild Things Are

I did not feel it at all, but the music and the cinematography redeem it somewhat. It's a good tourism ad for Melbourne.

Comedy Sketch Idea: Where the Really Wild Things Are: Max's First Break-up.

Max Records is a cool name.

At age 8, [he] led a protest for vegetarian options at his school cafeteria.

"You said we'd get seitan!"
"You're not a king, are you?"

Lives in Portland, Oregon. [source]


The boy in The Road is better.

The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia

An unbelievable documentary – the Waltons beyond Thunderdome.

Before the screening, I saw a trailer for a feature-length doc on the wrestler Vampiro.


Black People on Facebook
my 20 favorite Murder, She Wrote episode titles


  1. L 19 Oct 09 at 23:57

    how can i figure out where the top picture is from?
    when i saw the one w/ the zombies and the decap head, i thought that was harry potter for a second.

    1. Jon 20 Oct 09 at 01:30

      the one w/ the zombies and the decap head is from doghouse


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