You know you've made it when The Asylum riffs off your film.

The street date is reportedly December 29, so it's a rush job, but the original was shot in one week.

The Asylum's Avatar riff-off is disappointingly just an adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs' Princess of Mars, the "story that inspired James Cameron's Avatar."

It stars Antonio Sabàto Jr. and Traci Lords, though.

my antonio

Princess of Mars' estimated budget ($500,000) is 0.001% 0.1% of Avatar's estimated budget ($500,000,000), yet they somehow look equally retarded.

A crack in the world has started… We have 24 hours to stop it.

This is what has become of Brittany Murphy's career.

Eric La Salle and Bruce Davison, who was once nominated for an Oscar, accompany her misery.

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  1. Anthony 11 Dec 09 at 21:12

    It isn't 0.001%, it's 0.1%. You multiply the decimal by 100 to get a percentage. I get your point but when you fuck up something simple like that, it makes people forget that the movie looks retarded and just focus on the fact that you look retarded.

    1. Jon 12 Dec 09 at 00:10



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