All the gold and the guns and the girls

In all seriousness, congratulations to Quebec for winning the Canadian medal count.

Sidney Godsby returns to NHL action on Tuesday against…Ryan Miller.


RE: Lollerpalooza
At least it wasn't The Who.

How do you not end with Arcade Fire playing "Wake Up"?

If London cares to, it could easily stage the closing ceremony to end all closing ceremonies – with a sweet 2016 funk carioca interlude.

Muse » David Bowie » Elton John » Coldplay » Morrissey » Radiohead » The Rolling Stones » Led Zeppelin » Paul McCartney?

McCartney would undoubtedly perform last and undoubtedly conclude with "Hey Jude." He should perform last, but methinks "Champagne Supernova" would be a better finale.

Hey, Neil Young sung about a car…

What if McCartney performs "Champagne Supernova" with Oasis?

Despite stocking 100,000 condoms (14 per resident), Vancouver's Olympic Village ran out midway through the second week of the games.

Idea: An Olympic Village reality show.

—mario and sonic at the olympic village

Apolo Ohno is way too happy to place second or third. Half-Asian indeed.

Chris Andersen's mustache is mesmerizing. He should grow it into a Birdman-chu.

Robbie Hummel is only a junior? I feel like he's been playing at Purdue forever.

On Hummel's teammate Chris Kramer:
If you're still playing college basketball as a senior, you probably shouldn't be majoring in "organizational leadership and supervision."

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  1. kayveetee 01 Mar 10 at 16:17

    Don't forget Queen (maybe + Bowie?) performing "We Are The Champions".

    1. Jon 02 Mar 10 at 02:50

      hmm… robbie williams covered "we are the champions" with queen…

  2. Jeremy 03 Mar 10 at 22:39

    Oops, I think you have a typo in there. Morrissey should be after Paul whats-his-face.


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