Dear mother can you hear me whining?

This is an actual billboard.

This is why professional soccer will never catch on in America:

No one wants to pay for tickets and parking to spend 90 minutes (plus stoppage time) watching athletes slowly not score.

Edit: At least end with a shootout…

Idea: Soccer players wear Heelys.

I realized that I'll be in New York during the NFL Draft. Can you say "day three live-blog"?


  1. Tushar 13 Apr 10 at 17:32

    The kid is from Stratford for goodness sakes.

  2. James T 13 Apr 10 at 19:47

    I like how you cropped out the final score of the Manchester City game…. 5-1

    1. Jon 13 Apr 10 at 20:21

      Three out of four, man! Three out of four! At least end with a shootout…


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