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Those have got to be some lazzzy ass Predators if the most dangerous prey they can find is Adrien Brody and Topher Grace… [source]


It's very Apocalypse Now.

Topher Grace's heel turn surprised me, even though I posted that his "unassuming facade masks a dangerous serial killer." Don't do drugs, kids.

The Little Richard song at the end is delightfully incongruous.

I read an interview with Walton Goggins beforehand in which he notes that his character says "Die, you space faggot." That line doesn't register clearly, however, and my disappointment with his delivery/the sound mixing tempered my enjoyment of the subsequent spine-ripping.

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A Serbian Film

Banned in Serbia!

The man who introduced the screening noted that 10-12 people walked out of an earlier screening. I didn't see anyone walk out, but I was sitting in the first 10 rows.

After the screening, someone asked me how A Serbian Film compares to [New French Extreme film célèbre] Martyrs. The violence, gore and misogyny are comparable, but I think Martyrs is more fucked up because it's played straight. A Serbian Film's irreverent nature tempers the horror of what you see. No one laughed or cheered during my screening of Martyrs.

Martyrs is bleak; A Serbian Film is bonkers.

"Asphyxiation – I like it! How else can a boner kill people?"

Evidently, it leaked today.

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  1. Aaron 12 Jul 10 at 11:45

    I wasn't sure exactly what Walton Goggins said either – but I was sure there was a "faggot" in there.

  2. Aaron 12 Jul 10 at 12:09

    Also, the cut I saw had nothing about rape…? Or the cocaine line he talks about in the interview. Was that actually included in some versions?

    1. Jon 12 Jul 10 at 12:46

      i'm pretty sure that was included in all versions. don't do drugs, kids.

  3. Bruno 13 Jul 10 at 00:47

    It's really just a remake/rethink of the first Predator. Or a direct sequel.


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