The Year in Fighting

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This year, we decided to add a shoot-y undercard to our retrospective, beginning with

Hockey Fight of the Year: Eric Boulton vs. John Erskine
comcast sportsnet's graphics are hideous

Baseball Fight of the Year: Nyjer Morgan vs. Florida Marlins
0:04 » "come get some"
0:49 » defiant to the end

Basketball Fight of the Year: Serbia vs. Greece
krstic with a chair!

Football Fight of the Year: Andre Johnson vs. Cortland Finnegan
dirty blow to the back of his head

Reality Fight of the Year: Sammi vs. JWOWW
so momentous that mtv spread it across two episodes

Street Fight of the Year: Bat-Wielding Vigilante vs. Boston Troublemakers
"yes! yes! yes!!!"

Wrestling Match of the Year: Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker 2
we assumed that it would be another bogus retirement match, but lo, michaels retired for reals the following night

MMA Fight of the Year: Kazuo Misaki vs. Jorge Santiago 2
from our mouth to god's ears

MMA Moment of the Year: Anthony Pettis' Showtime Kick

Fight Scenes of the Year

5. Holly vs. Princess (The Lοved Ones)
just two girls fighting over a boy…

4. Jack vs. "Locke" (Lost)
good time for a freak rain shower. the dream is collapsing!

3. Chen Zhen vs. Japanese Occupiers (Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen)
donnie yen's third appearance on this list in four years

2. Arthur vs. Projections (Inception)
video: just the hotel parts

behind the scene

Fight Scene of the Year: Cha Τae-Sik vs. the World (The Man Frοm Nοwhere)
the highest-grοssing film of the year in america is toy story 3. the highest-grοssing film of the year in sοuth kοrea is excerpted above.


  1. dedleg 22 Dec 10 at 10:45

    Wow, that last one is something else. I want to be that guy for Christmas.

  2. Logan 22 Dec 10 at 10:58

    That last one is unbelievable. I think if there were epic fights in real life, they would actually look like that. No 20-foot flying leaps across the room, no backflips, just brutal bone-snapping and stabation.

  3. Alex 23 Dec 10 at 23:36

    bonkers. I need to see the man from nowhere.


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