Mario Speedwagon

—Forget Hum. Look at that fucking viking ship line-up.
—Are Doomriders releasing another album?
—Not that I know of.
—Touche Amore – I almost booked them for Thranksgiving.
—Give it up, Jon.

—How many music festivals does Austin need?
—San Francisco hosts just as many fests. SXSW, Noise Pop. ACL, Outside Lands. FFF, Treasure Island.

—Oof. Jim Ward's solo material is terrible.
—Will ATDI re-unite already? I'm dying to experience "Arcarsenal" live.

—Wugazi is a live act? I thought it was like The Grey Album.
—Well, Danger Mouse performs live…


  1. Cangrejero 02 Aug 11 at 21:07

    This reminds me: will you be attending riot fest?

    1. Jon 03 Aug 11 at 06:21

      Alas, no.


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