Live Stream: The Amazing Spider-Man

Why does everyone in this Twilight trailer have red irises?

Kind of a skimpy showdown…

Is that Seinfeld on the telly?

Peter Parker listens to The Crystal Method.

It's a little creepy at this point that Peter's desktop wallpaper is photos of Gwen, no?

Peter Parker searches with Bing.

Peter Parker has the same eyeglass prescription as his father.

The Oscorp building is in Manhattan, and Peter lives in Queens. Why is he on a Q train that's arriving in Coney Island? Peter Parker = Hannah Horvath.

The Q line doesn't go to Forest Hills, so he boarded a Brooklyn-bound train and slept past a transfer station?

"Big Brat"!

Peter Parker's mobile is an Xperia mini.

Right. Forgot that Uncle Ben dies.

A whole fish per person?

Drink every time someone says "branzino."

Gordon Ramsay: The most amazing branzino. Stunning.

The mole on this kid's face is distracting.

This kid's survival instincts – SMH. You can't climb out of a burning car that's suspended precariously over the East River?

Oh for fuck's sake. Just extract him with your biocable!

No one at Oscorp notices that Spider-Man is using their biocable?

How could Connors return to his office at Oscorp and send employees home? He was fired.

Lizard rat!

Where are all these lizards coming from?

Peter gets mobile reception in the sewer.

Crane operators are the new firefighters.

Why is all this liquid nitrogen on the roof of the Oscorp building?

Peter returns home after thwarting The Lizard, magically healed from being shot in the leg.

Midtown Science sure rebuilt quickly.

Flash was clunkily marginalized, like Jaden Smith's white mate in The Karate Kid.

Doves? [groan] Directed by Marc Woo.

Is this the first Marvel film without stylized credits?

"Spider-Man costume manufactured by Cirque du Soleil."


  1. Ryan 05 Jul 12 at 11:43

    point of note: Peter does have a slightly accelerated healing factor and can effectively shrug off small caliber arms in a few hours.

  2. nitrogen 05 Jul 12 at 16:13

    the nitrogen is part of the cooling system and he wasnt getting reception, he was playing an offline game, the genetically altered spiders gave him a fast healing time, the lizards were summoned by connor's expirements, and connors killed his boss

    1. Jon 05 Jul 12 at 16:36

      "he was playing an offline game"
      He calls Gwen from the sewer, instructing her to create the antidote.

      "the lizards were summoned by connor's expirements"
      How many lizards reside in Manhattan?

      "connors killed his boss"
      Why wasn't security (or anyone else) notified? Standard termination procedure.

  3. Mike 05 Jul 12 at 23:49

    I was also thinking he should've just extracted the kid from the car with the biocable, but considering he was holding onto the car itself with one hand and his own suspension biocable with the other, it would've been a pretty difficult move. I'd assume he would jerk up the car for a sec and then aim the web-shooter at the kid (like he eventually did anyway once the bumper gave way). When he has to traverse that great distance to get to Oscorp before the climatic battle, he misses that huge crane on the first go. Maybe he just lacked confidence in his web-shooter aim during the bridge incident.


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