Keep Vancouver Spectacular

So this is a real thing.

At lunch with Pinder, he notes that tomorrow is a holiday in Canada. It's Good Friday.

Huh. He was serious about Good Friday being a holiday. Good Friday is a national holiday in Canada?!

Good Friday is a national holiday in Canada, but Thanksgiving is not.

Man, chip-and-PIN credit cards, Good Friday off… What else?

What time is it? 8:40pm. Hmm… And the film is at 10:40pm. I think I have enough time to eat dinner in Chinatown.

I rush out of the lobby of my hotel, glance backward to see if any buses are approaching, and [THUNK] briskly walk face first into a pole.

As I type this, my left eyebrow is still swollen.

I reach the cineplex early and kill time in a nearby supermarket, where I encounter

calamari and tzatziki-flavoured potato chips.

I buy a bag to try.

Entering the cineplex, my ticket-taker informs me that no outside food is allowed.

Oh, I'm not gonna eat these during the film. They're for later.

Okay, well, if anyone sees you eating them, you will be kicked out.

I look at my ticket-taker's badge. Name: Bill. Favourite film: A Serbian Film.

At first I was like, "TimePlay? [groan]," but then I was like, "Fuckin' TimePlay. How does it work?"

Chip-and-PIN credit cards, Good Friday off, TimePlay.

Kamloops is sneaky difficult to pronounce.



    1. Jon 22 Apr 14 at 13:56

      It's not a national holiday. It's an optional holiday in Newfoundland.


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