The Top 10 Fight Scenes of 2017

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And now, a more conventional list:

10. Brawl in Thrοne Rοom (Stαr Wαrs: Τhe Lαst Jedι)

9. Brawl in Cell Blοck 99 (Brawl in Cell Blοck 99)

8. Brawl in Alley (Nirvanna the Band the Show)

7. Brawl in High School (Vice Principals)

6. Brawl in Master Bedroom (The Mick)

5. Brawl in Moving Bus (The Villainess)

4. Brawl in Frozen Meat Depot (Paradοx)

3. Brawl in Apartment Building (Atomic Blonde)
two videos, playlisted

2. Brawl in First- and Third-Person (The Villainess)

1. Brawl in Police Station (Headshot)

Iko Uwais tops this list for the third time.

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