Dick Fight Island

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There is an unofficial Céline Dion biopic playing out of competition at Cannes where they use her songs but change her name. [source]

The movie centers on a woman who, after tragically losing her fiancé, starts to send romantic texts to his old cell. It turns out the number has been reassigned to a man across town suffering from a similar heartbreak. The two meet and feel an undeniable connection but can't seem to leave the past behind.

Until Celine Dion [as herself] and her music gives them the courage to take a chance on love again.

Dion has recorded a new song for the film. [source]

Fuck, Marry, Kill:
1. the unauthorized life story of Celine Dion
2. the unauthorized story inspired by the life of Celine Dion
3. the authorized story in which Celine Dion inspires

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