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Product Description We Get Familiarized with Strands of Gays and Life Styles no one Knows Existed. We get Rural Gays, Closet Cases, Bi Sexual Men and More. This Film has Newly Filmed Erotic Sequences to add to the Suspense and Secrecy, Making it Entertainment with…

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Time for another round-up. Women's Studies A pregnant grad student and her friends are held captive at a women's academy that's actually a cult of feminists bent on the enslavement of men. Fireball Former football star turned convict, Tyler "The Fuse" Draven, discovers in jail…

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A schizophrenic who believes [he is] the reincarnation of Jesus Christ seeks vengeance against those who he believes are reincarnations of people who wronged him in the past. The appearance of one of his victim's girlfriends during a moment of murderous rage prompts the vengeful…

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