Good men are strange, bad men are obvious

The November gigs will reportedly include Richard Dworsky, A Prairie Home Companion's musical director, who was just replaced by Grammy-winning producer Mike Elizondo. [source]

A Prairie Home Companion's new musical director co-wrote "The Real Slim Shady" and "In Da Club."

I am chuffed to announce the track listing for Destroyed Rock City, my band The Blond Jews' fifth album.

Track 1:

Track 2:

Track 3:

Track 4:

Track 5:

Track 6:

Track 7:

Track 8:

Track 9:

Track 10:

Track 11:

Track 12:

13. Bonus Track: "Island in the Sun" (Weezer cover)
14. Bonus Track: "Island in the Sun" (Weezer cover) [Tay Keith remix]

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