The 2022 Draft

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There was an idea… To bring together a group of disparate people… To see if we could create something more…than a year-end list.

12 people select 10 things they loved from 2022 without any overlap, creating a "best of 2022" list unlike any other.

The League
> What is your Top Gun call sign?
> Which grifter are you?
> Which Taylor Swift era are you?

In randomly-generated snake draft order:

Puff > Anna Delvey > 1989

Catfish > Elizabeth Holmes > Speak Now

Shadow > Simon Leviev > Late Registration

Soup > Anna Delvey > Folklore + Evermore

Jon B
Horizon > Elizabeth Holmes > Red

Jon Y ‹ commissioner me
Highroller > Adam Neumann > 1989

Diablo > Elizabeth Holmes > Folklore + Evermore

Harvest > Anna Delvey > 1989

Ashtray > Travis Kalanick > Red

Colt > Anna Delvey > Red

Argus > Travis Kalanick > Reputation

Vapor > Elizabeth Holmes > Red


With the first pick in the 2022 Draft, Noelle selected…

R1 > Noelle
1. Abbott Elementary
Television Series > S01 + S02 > ABC

R1 > Drew
2. Everything Everywhere All at Once
Film > Dir: Daniel Kwan + Daniel Scheinert

R1 > DV
3. Barry
Television Series > S03 > HBO

R1 > Stan
4. Andor
Television Series > S01 > Disney+

R1 > Jon B
5. The bedroom kill scene in Terrifier 2
Film > Dir: Damien Leone > killer clown

R1 > Jon Y
6. The Rehearsal
Television Series > S01 > HBO

R1 > Jeff
7. The Bear (but specifically, "Review")
Television Series > S01 > E07 > FX + Hulu > Single Take

Jeff: Would have been Andor if it was still available.
Jon: But specifically, "One Way Out"?

R1 > Ben
8. Severance (but specifically, "The We We Are")
Television Series > S01 > E09 > Apple TV+ > Season Finale

R1 > Adam
9. Barbarian
Film > Dir: Zach Cregger

R1 > Aaron
10. Beyoncé's album Renaissance
Music > Club Dance

R1 > Russell
11. The unbroken, 11-minute opening shot of Athena
Film > Dir: Romain Gavras > paris banlieue powder keg

R1 > Molly
12. Top Gun: Maverick
Film > Dir: Joseph Kosinski

Molly: Given that Noelle picked Abbott Elementary, can I select Sheryl Lee Ralph's Emmy speech?
Jon: Negative.

R2 > Molly
13. Jenifer Lewis and Molly Shannon in I Love That for You
Television Series > S01 > Showtime

R2 > Russell
14. This Fool
Television Series > S01 > Hulu

Adam: Good for This Fool going in the second round.

R2 > Aaron
15. God of War: Ragnarok
Video Game > PlayStation

R2 > Adam
16. X and Pearl
Film + Prequel > Dir: Ti West > just a murderous small-town girl

R2 > Ben
17. The Righteous Gemstones' pukefest cold open
Television Series > S02 > E07 > HBO

R2 > Jeff
18. Wet Leg
Music Band > Indie Rock

Drew: What the fuck is Wet Leg? I literally have never heard of them. Not even once. This draft is the first time I have ever seen that combination of words.

R2 > Jon Y
19. Atlanta, and Van Lathan's podcasts on each episode
Television Series > S03 + S04 > S04E06 + E08 > FX • The Prestige TV Podcast: Atlanta Recaps

R2 > Jon B
20. The return of Saga
Comic Book Series

R2 > Stan
21. Naatu Naatu! [from RRR]
Film > Dir: S. S. Rajamouli

Jon: And here I thought RRR could slip to me.
Stan: I was surprised that both my selections were still available where I took them. Truthfully, I wanted to pick something else for 2, but didn't feel like RRR would make it back around.

R2 > DV
22. Bayonetta 3
Video Game > Switch

R2 > Drew
23. Prey
Film > Dir: Dan Trachtenberg > Hulu > predator prequel

Noelle: Is Atlanta off the board completely?
Jon: As completely as can be. Sorry. 🤷‍♂️

R2 > Noelle
24. The Woman King
Film > Dir: Gina Prince-Bythewood

R3 > Noelle
25. Jerrod Carmichael: Rothaniel
Sit-Down Comedy Special > Dir: Bo Burnham > HBO

Jon: Dammit, this was gonna be my next pick!
Noelle: Sorry. 🤷🏾‍♀️
Stan: This was the first pick this year I was truly jealous of.

R3 > Drew
26. Gordy's storyline in Nope
Film > Dir: Jordan Peele

Drew: Usually, I wouldn't wanna do three movies in a row, but since there are so many options I like in other categories, secure top movie things now and pivot after.

R3 > DV
27. Smiling Friends
Television Series > S01 > Adult Swim

R3 > Stan
28. TÁR's ending reveal
Film > Dir: Todd Field > 21st century icarus

R3 > Jon B
29. Better Call Saul (but specifically, Gene's storyline)
Television Series > S06 > AMC

R3 > Jon Y
30. The opening credits of Peacemaker, After Yang, and Pachinko
Television Series > S01 > HBO Max • Film > Dir: Kogonada > a man grieves the loss of his family's lifelike android • Television Series > S01 > Apple TV+

Adam: Well, fuck. You two [Jons] cooked my next picks.

R3 > Jeff
31. Jon Bernthal's Sergeant Wayne Jenkins in We Own This City
Limited Television Series > E04 > HBO

R3 > Ben
32. For All Mankind
Television Series > S03 > Apple TV+

R3 > Adam
33. Reservation Dogs (but specifically, Tim Cappello capping the season playing sax)
Television Series > S02 > E10 > FX + Hulu

R3 > Aaron
34. Heartstopper
Television Series > S01 > Netflix

R3 > Russell
35. The Don't Worry Darling press tour
Film > Dir: Olivia Wilde

Stan: GREAT pick.

R3 > Molly
36. John Lithgow and Amy Brenneman's quietly devastating performances in The Old Man
Television Series > S01 > FX

R4 > Molly
37. Hustle
Film > Dir: Jeremiah Zagar > Netflix > an nba scout bets everything on an unknown talent

R4 > Russell
38. Toni Collette acting everyone off the screen – and dying repeatedly – in The Staircase
Limited Television Series > HBO Max

R4 > Aaron
39. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever
Film > Dir: Ryan Coogler

R4 > Adam
40. Elon Musk showing his ass
Wack Twitter

R4 > Ben
41. The Brooklyn Nets, LOL
Sports > NBA Team > Harden dips > Ben sits > first-round exit > KD decommits > Kyrie the omnist > Nash dismissed

R4 > Jeff
42. The Sandman: "24/7" and "The Sound of Her Wings"
Television Series > S01 > E05 > Diner • S01 > E06 > Every 100 Years > Netflix

R4 > Jon Y
43. The end credits of Dashcam, Chainsaw Man, and White Noise
Film > Dir: Rob Savage > a chaotic anti-masker fights zombies • Television Series > S01 > Crunchyroll + Hulu • Film > Dir: Noah Baumbach > don delillo book adaptation

R4 > Jon B
44. Catwoman: Lonely City
Comic Book Series

R4 > Stan
45. Aaron Chen: If Weren't Filmed, Nobody Would Believe
Stand-Up Comedy Special > YouTube

R4 > DV
46. Attack on Titan
Television Series > S04 > Part 2 > Crunchyroll + Hulu

R4 > Drew
47. Desus and Mero's break-up, as a juicy story
The Brand Is "So Long"

R4 > Noelle
48. Rihanna dropping a baby before dropping an album
ASAP Family

R5 > Noelle
49. The absolute disaster that was Love Is Blind, and the subsequent relationship fallouts on TikTok
Television Series > S03 > Netflix

R5 > Drew
50. Connor Ratliff finally landing Tom Hanks for the series finale of Dead Eyes
Podcast > E31

R5 > DV
51. The Batman
Film > Dir: Matt Reeves

Stan: November 17th – the night we thought Twitter was dying.
Jon: See pick 40.
Stan: Dag, okay.

R5 > Stan
52. Decision to Leave
Film > Dir: Park Chan-wook > the magnetic pull between a detective and a beguiling murder suspect

R5 > Jon B
53. The birthing sequence at the end of Men
Film > Dir: Alex Garland > a traumatized widow in an escalating nightmare

R5 > Jon Y
54. Fire of Love
Film > Dir: Sara Dosa > married volcanologists

Jeff: Pachinko S01.
Jon: Try again.

R5 > Jeff
55. The Worst Person in the World
Film > Dir: Joachim Trier > millennial unrest

R5 > Ben
56. Fred Again..'s Boiler Room set, and his ascent in general
Music Performance > House

R5 > Adam
57. The Boys' dick explosion
Television Series > S03 > E01 > Prime Video

R5 > Aaron
58. Stranger Things introducing Kate Bush to a new generation
Television Series > S04 > Netflix

R5 > Russell
59. The rise of Goblin Mode

R5 > Molly
60. David Lynch, Judd Hirsch, and Jeannie Berlin in The Fabelmans
Film > Dir: Steven Spielberg > Childhood Memoir

Molly: The overdue ascendence to the A list for Keke Palmer.
Jon: Ineligible due to Drew selecting Gordy's storyline in Nope.
Molly: We need to give Keke her due! But fiiiiiiiiiine.

R6 > Molly
61. Normal Gossip

R6 > Russell
62. Vince McMahon going out like that
Vince Screwed Vince

R6 > Aaron
63. Our Flag Means Death's love and plunder
Television Series > S01 > E09 > HBO Max

R6 > Adam
64. The discourse around A.I.-generated art and writing
Are we human, or are we cancer?

R6 > Ben
65. Secret Base's Captain Ahab: The Story of Dave Stieb
YouTube Series

R6 > Jeff
66. Ambulance! – and the start of Michael Bay's "small budget" era?

R6 > Jon Y
67. Sami Zayn sports entertaining his ass off
Wrestling > WWE Superstar

R6 > Jon B
68. Deadly Class ending perfectly
Comic Book Series

R6 > Stan
69. Ethel Cain's album Preacher's Daughter
Music > Gothic Pop Americana

R6 > DV
70. Elden Ring
Video Game > PC + PlayStation + Xbox

R6 > Drew
71. Andrew Garfield in Under the Banner of Heaven
Limited Television Series > FX + Hulu

R6 > Noelle
72. Draymond Green's blunt-rolling station at his wedding
Light Years?

Noelle: No, I did it first in 2016, lol.

R7 > Noelle
73. Corn Kid
Viral Video > Recess Therapy > YouTube

R7 > Drew
74. House of the Dragon making everyone generally okay with incest
Television Series > S01 > HBO

R7 > DV
75. Ramy
Television Series > S03 > Hulu

R7 > Stan
76. Amanda Seyfried dancing to "How to Love" by Lil Wayne in The Dropout
Limited Television Series > E05 > Hulu

R7 > Jon B
77. Ryan Browne's backgrounds for Eight Billion Genies
Comic Book Series

Adam: It was my next pick. Fuuuuu.

R7 > Jon Y
78. Matt Berry's pronunciation of "New York City" on What We Do in the Shadows
Television Series > S04 > E09 > FX

R7 > Jeff
79. The White Lotus
Television Series > S02 > HBO

R7 > Ben
80. John Fetterman's masterful social media campaign
Pennsylvania Senator-Elect

R7 > Adam
81. Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty's kinetic video and film emulation switching
Television Series > S01 > HBO

R7 > Aaron
82. A League of Their Own
Television Series > S01 > Prime Video

R7 > Russell
83. Seth Green's NFT ape being stolen and sold to someone else, jeopardizing the television show it was set to star in

R7 > Molly
84. Somebody Somewhere
Television Series > S01 > HBO

R8 > Molly
85. Jennifer Lopez's performance of "Church" in Marry Me
Film > Dir: Kat Coiro

R8 > Russell
86. Austin Butler ripping it in Elvis' "If I Can Dream – '68 Comeback Special" sequence
Film > Dir: Baz Luhrmann

R8 > Aaron
87. Tinykin
Video Game > PC + PlayStation + Switch + Xbox

R8 > Adam
88. The collapse of Sam Bankman-Fried's crypto empire

Ben: Ahhh FTX went right before me.

R8 > Ben
89. Taylor Hawkins' son Shane playing "My Hero" with Foo Fighters at Wembley Stadium
Music Performance

R8 > Jeff
90. Horsegirl's album Versions of Modern Performance
Music > Indie Rock

R8 > Jon Y
91. Tunic
Video Game > PC + PlayStation + Switch + Xbox

R8 > Jon B
92. Grand Crew
Television Series > S01 > NBC

R8 > Stan
93. Vince Staples' album Ramona Park Broke My Heart
Music > Rap

R8 > DV
94. Viola Davis' Michelle Obama on The First Lady
Television Series > S01 > Showtime

R8 > Drew
95. Reacher
Television Series > S01 > Prime Video

R8 > Noelle
96. "Tití Me Preguntó" by Bad Bunny
Song > Hip-Hop Dembow

Noelle: Let the record show that I wanted this pick to be Tanya falling off that damn boat instead of taking the stairs.

Noelle: ChatGPT and our impending doom.
Jon: See pick 64.
Noelle: Gahhh okay!

R9 > Noelle
97. Bad Sisters
Television Series > S01 > Apple TV+

R9 > Drew
98. Pusha T's album It's Almost Dry
Music > Rap

R9 > DV
99. My Chemical Romance reunited
Music Band

R9 > Stan
100. Aftersun
Film > Dir: Charlotte Wells > a woman recalls a holiday with her struggling father

R9 > Jon B
101. The "sonic catering" in Flux Gourmet
Film > Dir: Peter Strickland > performance art satire

R9 > Jon Y
102. J.I.D.'s album The Forever Story
Music > Hip-Hop

R9 > Jeff
103. Alvvays' album Blue Rev
Music > Power Pop Rock

R9 > Ben
104. The Banshees of Inisherin
Film > Dir: Martin McDonagh > the abrupt break-up of lifelong friends sparks violence, suffering, and self-reflection

R9 > Adam
105. On Cinema
Internet Series > S13 > HEI Network

R9 > Aaron
106. Wordle's brief world domination
And Lingo was his game-O

R9 > Russell
107. Industry
Television Series > S02 > HBO

R9 > Molly
108. Fire Island
Film > Dir: Andrew Ahn > Hulu > gay pride and prejudice

Final Round Wild Card Pick
Along with your final pick, please select something from 2022 that you have yet to experience as of 16 December 2022 but are keen on.

R10 • Molly
109. Good Luck to You, Leo Grande
Film > Dir: Sophie Hyde > Hulu > a repressed widow hires a sex worker

+ Women Talking
Film > Dir: Sarah Polley > female members of a mennonite colony sort out their response to years of sexual abuse

R10 • Russell
110. Brian Windhorst's cryptic Utah Jazz report
Viral Video > First Take > 01 July 2022 > ESPN

+ This Place Rules
Television Special > HBO

R10 • Aaron
111. Bros
Film > Dir: Nicholas Stoller > gay rom-com

+ I Wanna Dance with Somebody
Film > Dir: Kasi Lemmons

R10 • Adam
112. Soul Glo's album Diaspora Problems
Music > Hardcore Punk

+ Adult Swim Yule Log / The Fire Place
Film > Dir: Casper Kelly > HBO Max > a couple's romantic weekend is spoiled by a deadly flying log, among other things

R10 • Ben
113. "Past Life" by Arkells and Cold War Kids
Song > 1980s Pop

+ Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery
Film > Dir: Rian Johnson

R10 • Jeff
114. Station Eleven: "Unbroken Circle"
Limited Television Series > E10 > HBO Max > Finale

+ Babylon
Film > Dir: Damien Chazelle > a feverish look at hollywood’s transition from silents to talkies

R10 • Jon Y
115. The chess grandmaster anal bead conspiracy
The Meme Gambit

+ Alice in Borderland
Television Series > S02 > Netflix

R10 • Jon B
116. Rogues
Comic Book Series

+ Something in the Dirt
Film > Dir: Justin Benson + Aaron Moorhead > two burnouts lose their minds after discovering a floating rock

R10 • Stan
117. Slow Horses
Television Series > S01 + S02 > Apple TV+

+ Return to Seoul
Film > Dir: Davy Chou > an adoptee's uneasy exploration of her korean roots

R10 • DV
118. Elmo's unhinged rant about Rocco
Viral Video > Sesame Street > PBS

+ Mob Psycho 100
Television Series > S03 > Crunchyroll + Hulu

R10 • Drew
119. Kamala's family in Ms. Marvel
Television Series > S01 > Disney+

+ Emily in Paris
Television Series > S03 > Netflix

Jon: I feel like you pick Emily in Paris every year.
Drew: Did I pick it previously? If I did, goddamn right.
Jon: You picked season one…
Drew: I'm the Osiris of this shit.
Jon: And I coulda sworn you picked season two last year.
Drew: I regret that I didn't.

R10 • Noelle
120. Will Smith slapping Chris Rock and winning an Oscar 10 minutes later
Mr. Relevant

+ Kindred
Television Series > S01 > FX + Hulu

Aaron Judge
The Acclaimed
Avatar: The Way of Water
Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers
Confess, Fletch
Dream's face reveal
"Emmanuel, don't do it"
Horizon: Forbidden West
Ice Spice
___ is him
Kai Cenat
Kendrick Lamar
Lionel Messi
LIV Golf
The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power
Marvel Snap
Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story
Neon White
Pink Sauce
Pokémon Legends: Arceus
She-Hulk: Attorney at Law
Spy x Family
Steve Lacy
When We Were Young festival

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