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My Year of Dicks

RackaRacka, the twin enfants terribles behind one of my favourite YouTube videos ever — "Our Epic Childhood" (exhumed for posterity) — just sold their Sundance-selected feature directorial debut to A24. [Talk to Me] asks: What if Flatliners was rendered as a Monkey's Paw for the…

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2 Blunts 9 Sluts

Cuban Americans and Kevin Sorbo – hatchet job or hagiography? "After creating the biopic about Walt Disney, I felt compelled to continue creating movies about entrepreneurial stories that inspire and inform. Jeff Bezos is the richest man globally, so naturally, people are drawn to knowing…

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Previously on Adam Riff™: The Top 10 Fight Scenes of 2022 The 2022 Draft Everything From the Year All at Once: a 2022 music playlist Top Spun: a 2022 music playlist Adam Riff™'s 2022 retrospective festivities conclude with Benaissance, curated – and mixed – by…

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