Eater's Digest: Philadelphia 5 + NJ/NY

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October/November 2018
weckerly's / suraya / nunu / r&d / sancho pistola's // the fireplace / heavenly cakes @ brio's pizzeria / peekamoose / phoenicia diner // palizzi social club / american sardine bar / south philly barbacoa / beiler's doughnuts / la divisa meats / goldie / big gay ice cream

Gritty Puckster (Big Gay Ice Cream)
doritos-flavoured ice cream sandwiched between two chocolate cookies and then rolled in crushed doritos

^ The ice cream tasted watered down. Diluted Doritos-flavoured soft serve.

Apple Cheddar Ice Cream (Weckerly's)

(Weckerly's) is as if Chris Ware made ice cream.

Speckle and Scrap Ice Cream (Weckerly's)
chocolate ice cream, raspberry sorbet, vanilla ice cream on chocolate cookies
—Chunks of ice cream sandwich scattered through complementary ice cream. Combinations change.

Turkish Coffee Tehina Shake (Goldie)
turkish coffee syrup steeped in cardamom, raw tehina, pieces of house hazelnut halva candy

^ Instead of milk, ground sesame seeds. I wish its topping was mixed in like a Blizzard.

Fries with Shwarma Spice (Goldie)

Dan Dan Squash Salad (Nunu)
cabbage, mint, peanuts
—I don't think (Nunu)'s chefs have ever eaten dan dan noodles.

// Paramus, NJ

Ginger Honey Mustard Chicken Sandwich (The Fireplace)
—This dive-y restaurant we impulsively stopped at for lunch has an elevated chicken sandwich?

Pickles (The Fireplace)
—It also has delectable pickles. So fresh and so clean.

// Big Indian, NY

Beer-Battered Onion Rings (Peekamoose)
red curry aioli
—Large and light.

Our server sets out lanky grissini in wooden vases on the bar. Not sure if they are decorative or for snacking.

// Philadelphia al fine

Oaxacan Milk Punch (R&D)
mezcal, reposado tequila, passion fruit, falernum, red chilli, cacao, lime, and clarified coconut milk

The D'Amo [Espresso Martini] (Palizzi Social Club)
brown butter-washed amari, espresso, sea salt
—Damn good cocktail.

(Palizzi Social Club) is a members only Italian restaurant located in a quiet residential neighbourhood.

Raviolo Vasto (Palizzi Social Club)
spinach, ricotta, egg yolk

Swordfish Spiedini (Palizzi Social Club)

Spumoni (Palizzi Social Club)
pistachio, vanilla, strawberry

^ The texture of the ice cream was oddly like that of moist cake.

Chocolate Budino (R&D)
laphroaig butterscotch, crumble


Get Gritty Wit It Sandwich (Joe's Steaks and Soda Shop)
whiz, french fries, raw onions, cheetos

Berry Guacamole (Sancho Pistola's)

Longanisa Dog (LALO)
house-made sweet garlic pork sausage on a toasted monay roll, sauce mariosep, atchara, and purple potato chips

Non-Dairy Chocolate CBD Ice Cream (Little Baby's Ice Cream)

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