Eater's Digest: Philadelphia 6

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November 2019
beiler's doughnuts / k'far / condesa / el techo / american sardine bar / primohoagies // cumberland farms / roy rogers // forsythia / south philly barbacoa / essen bakery / metropolitan bakery / goldie / famous 4th street cookie company / siu kee duck house / primohoagies / the dandelion

Smoked Salmon Jerusalem Bagel (K'Far)
dill butter, pickled cucumbers

^ Served hot.

Potato Boreka (K'Far)

^ Its filling is pleasantly curried.

Mint Chocolate Tehina Shake (Goldie)

Tehina Chocolate Chip Cookie (K'Far)

Sour Cherry and Dark Chocolate Cookie (Metropolitan Bakery)
—The best chocolate chip cookie in Philadelphia.

Chamoyada (Condesa)
whipped coconut, mango, angel food cake, chamoy, lime curd

Tamal de Chocolate (Condesa)
masa, peanut ice cream, honey

Pastel de Queso (Condesa)
fromage blanc, guava, sweet lime, anise

^^^ All of the desserts at (Condesa) are scrumptious.

Lamb Adobado Tacos (Condesa)
—Give (South Philly Barbacoa) a run for its money.

Octopus and Bean Tlayuda (Condesa)
asiento, quesillo, repollo

Truffle and Ham Hock Beignets (Forsythia)
apple miso butter
—We were deciding between eating at (Forsythia) or (Fiore), and I chose (Forsythia) because of this dish. I chose poorly.

Omelette (Forsythia)
jonah crab, espelette, sauce choron

^ Craig LaBan:

A traditional omelet, folded like a velvety blanket around a filling of Jonah crab, was topped with a tomato-blushed béarnaise called sauce Choron that would earn a five-star Yelp review from Auguste Escoffier.

I mean… It's a good omelette…

Pommes Anna (Forsythia)
epoisses onion

The pungent fog of aerated Époisses that rolled off the towering pommes Anna, a butter-crisped scroll of shaved potato, was one of the most memorable dishes I've eaten all year.

^ Okay, this cheese sauce is admittedly divine.

Sweet Potato Agnolotti (Forsythia)
lamb neck, pecorino, cèpes

Tuna Collar Amandine (Forsythia)
fresno chili, hearts of palm, ponzu

Turkey Diablo (PrimoHoagies)
home style turkey breast, hot pepper cheese, a spicy blend of spices
—Are hoagies not cut in half?

Herr's Kettle Cooked Dark Russet Potato Chips

Apple Cider Donuts (Cumberland Farms)


Chicken and Snail Lasagna (Serpico)
béchamel, hazelnuts, ramp pesto, yuzu

Smoked Herring Spaghetti (Friday Saturday Sunday)
crab, calabrian chili, anise seed

Sweetbread Katsu [Sando] (Friday Saturday Sunday)
bone marrow tartar sauce, pickled radish

Green Curry Chicken Wontons (Cheu Fishtown)
b&b pickles, peanut, crispy onion

Squid "Pad Thai" Salad (Vernick Fish)

Ricotta Gnocchi (Vernick Fish)
tuna 'nduja, broccoli rabe

Roasted Porgy (Vernick Fish)
jasmine rice, andouille sausage, creole broth

Mac Daddy (Flannel)
three thick slices of mac and cheese loaf made with cheddar, mozzarella, cheddar, cream cheese, cheddar, provolone, cheddar, and monterey jack; with burnt bread crumbs and maldon salt

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